CommuniVentures InfoMedia Network Group
Theme Media
  • Our "Select Searches" technology can preselect themed content and resources

  • We can deliver content with predetermined context for theme-related resources

  • Theme media uses deep thematic Web searches for academic media sources

  • Our systems provide a continuity of themes to increase cognitive media impact

  • Themed media allows the cross linking of  themed information and resource access

  • Our algorithms use advanced Boolean logic for precise themed information media

  • We sort out the distractions from Web based advertising and sponsored promotions

  • Our systems avoid the misinformation, misdirection and mischief of typical searches

  • Thematic Content Marketing also provide access to our themed "InfoExpos" resources  
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Theme Media Features and Functions
We have unique systems to provide highly selective themed informational media (InfoMedia).
These systems are able to deliver thematic resources to specific markets and audiences.

Our technologies provide information access not available to standard Web search protocols.
This thematic technology can provide improved levels of themed information and resources.
Themed Content and Thematic InfoMedia Systems
Thematic Content Marketing
The highly effective applications of thematic media are powered by our Select Searches
technology using tools and techniques that access themed information and resources.

Our InfoMedia programs include the powerful capabilities of thematic content marketing to
deliver custom content for market affiliates to reach theme specific markets and audiences.

Major segments of midlife-plus audiences are experiencing ongoing problems with standard
Web searches. We have developed effective solutions for these increasing problems.