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Systems and Programs
CommuniCorp Ventures and Holdings
    Background  Our Communi Companies have a diverse InfoMedia history
    Ventures  CommuniVentures has existing strategic partners and providers
    Advantages  We have varied proprietary technologies for thematic InfoMedia  
    Programs  All programs have specialized content adapted for target markets
    Markets We use direct and affiliate marketing to reach our specific audiences
    Editions   InfoMedia Guides are available as both custom or special editions
    Services  These Guides include ongoing content updates and thematic services
    Royalties   We selectively use Capital Royalties as incentives for participation

    Audio  Spoken word formatting for individuals that need or prefer audio content
    Visual  Enhanced visual formats for small screens and sight-challenged persons
    Text  Standard text for use based on multiple hardware types plus printing options
    AVT  interactive audio, visual and text as merged media with interactive features

    Editions   InfoMedia custom and special editions with content and services
    Searches   Thematic Select Searches technology for enhanced research
    Expos   Virtual InfoExpos for easy access to an array of themed resources
    Portals   Specialized CommuniPortals for interactive communication uses
    Exchanges  Interactive CommuniExchanges for individuals and communities
    Guides   InfoMedia Guides using CommuniGuides proprietary technologies

    Users  Audiences include mature adults plus extensions to families and friends
    Volumes  Composite audiences for InfoMedia exceed 200 million individuals
    Increases   These audiences will continue to increase their population density
    Custom   Programs can be customized for targeted marketing to audiences

    Editions   Special and custom editions can be adapted for our audiences
    Updates   Ongoing content and related services for our InfoMedia Guides
    Continuity   Interactive personalized services based on audience feedback
    Affordability   Custom editions can be fully subsidized for affiliate audiences
    Discounts   Special edition promotions with digital download cards and codes
    Security    No personal data is captured or shared for any user and usage

    Internet  Search engine optimization and marketing directly to audiences
    Networking   Individuals, family, friends and connections for direct referrals
    Promotions   Cross promotional offers for both customs and special editions
    Insertions   Thematic content marketing using a variety of media formatting
    Influencers   Varied public relations, media relations and content providers
    Insurers   Affiliated audiences for existing and perspective policyholders
    Employers   Current employees and for employee assistance programs
    Publishers   Readership of traditional publications and digital publications
    Organizations   Existing and potential members in special organizations
    Companies    Varied product, service and financial company audiences

    Values   Our InfoMedia programs are affordable with value-added features
    Programs   Monthly sales conversions of only 1/100 of 1% will be profitable
    Margins   Our revenues have operating margins to sustain royalty payments
    Income   Capital royalties reduce operational costs with income incentives
    Types   We offer capital royalties for multiple types of capital participation

    Composites   Capital royalties programs can include multiple types
    Intellectual   Content, production, editorial and creative contributions
    Services   Consulting, professional and special business services
    Financial    Program funding for individual varied Special Editions
    Vendor   Commerce, technologies, creating digital cards and codes
    Network  System integration, network linkage and network referrals
    Technology   Source codes, software systems and special services
    Marketing   Affiliate marketing to reach targeted, existing audiences

    Research   Researchers using Select Searches technology and algorithms
    Editorial    Information formatted as clear and concise thematic content
    Aggregation   Compilation, licensing and fair use of informational sources
    Formatting    Merged media for text, audio, visual and video content types
    Creatives    Design, graphics and Web development systems and services
    Development   Unification of informational content in varied media formats
    Marketing    Direct and affiliate marketing to new and existing audiences
    Commerce   Outsourced commerce systems and interactive users codes
    Accountancy   Financial analytics for transparency of program commerce

    Metrics   We integrate our InfoMedia experience with industry data analytics
    Values   Our current programs can use predictive values for probable results
    Leverage   We will have proprietary technology and marketing advantages
    Solutions   Our programs can provide solutions for specific audience needs
    Sales    We can achieve and sustain sales volume from targeted audiences
    Markets   Our advantages allow us to gain and maintain market penetration
    Margins   Revenues will have margins that can pay per unit capital royalties

    Markets   Audiences with mature adults is large and will continue to grow
    Audiences   These audiences have identified needs for specific information
    Access   We have advantages for using InfoMedia in uniquely varied formats
    Systems   Our systems and technologies allow the customization for markets
    Marketing    We have marketing that can reach over 200 million individuals
    Benefits    Our programs can enhance the quality of lives in measurable ways
Thematic InfoMedia Content, Marketing and Services
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