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Capital for Arts Programs
Capital Royalties
The Art of Capital
For summarized information on Capital Royalties and Web presentations, click below:


We also have a full Capital Royalties (PDF) Presentation available.
We are long-time supporters of the arts and appreciate the economic challenges the arts face.  

We offer Capital Royalties programs as a source of new income for those involved in the arts.

The programs have variations and combinations based on levels and values of participation.

Finance Royalties
Finance royalties are based on the levels of capital funding or financing.

Referral Royalties
Referral royalties are based on actual connections with funding sources.
To reach us,  use the following routing and contact points.
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Corporate Communications
TeleNet (775) 539-3000
Market Communications
TeleNet (415) 512-7000
Disclosures: We want to make a few, important points to avoid misunderstandings.  These are sincere programs
for those involved in the arts to generate new sources of income.  These are not investment hustles and we do
not offer any types of securities, equities, guarantees or profit  participation.  We also want to  be clear that this is
not a bait and switch tactic.  We are only involved in Capital Royalties programs where we have a principal
interest because royalty payments need effective and transparent accounting methods.  Therefore, at this time,  
are not involved in providing capital or administrating royalties for any external business plans and projects.