Merged Media Systems
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CommuniCorp Ventures Holding Group et al
The Communi Companies have an extended history of using merge media combinations for
InfoMedia (informational media).  With the current momentum for the convergence of physical media
with virtual media, our merged media systems combine multiple mediums for Mediazine applications.

These combinations provide opportunities to develop and deliver themed content to highly-selective
audiences through media affiliates and direct media. We have media networking capabilities to reach
specific, thematic audiences. Mediazines are a logical convergence of media technologies and
techniques that exponentially increase media effects.  
Mediazines are innovative applications
of merged media systems ... We put
pieces of the media puzzle together in
unique and effective variations.
We continue to apply some of the best attributes of physical media  in print materials and digital disc
formats since there remains a large, adult user base that still prefers physical media.  These
audiences often want physical media options because of personal preferences or due to physical
and technology challenges.

There is no question that virtual media has achieved great informational and communications
momentum with an array of technological advances.  It has become the preferred venue for a large
percent of the population.  We have the tools to harness the power and interactivity inherent in the
newer electronic media iterations in e-books and e-audio-visual formats.

With our media legacy in merged media, it is a logical step for us to develop a new generation of
Mediazines that combines the media attributes of both physical and virtual media formats.  These
diversified ranges of merged media are cornerstones to cognitive media as an information tool.  
These combinations can often be greater than the sum of the individual media parts.