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Background:  Our companies have produced and provided informational media (InfoMedia) in varied media
formats for over four decades. We have recently developed new media systems for our special edition
productions.  Our
InfoMedia systems, productions and program use our techniques and technologies that
have advantages to reach
targeted markets and audiences with identified informational interests and needs.

Markets:  Demographic trends have proven that a substantial percentage of adults continue to want or need
information in varied media formats. This market includes
midlife and senior audiences plus many people
with reading limitations, vision challenges, decreased hearing and musculoskeletal problems. The current

total market exceeds 200 million because families, friends, companies and organizations are involved.

Editions:  Our productions are developed as theme-focused special editions.  Each edition includes multiple
media formats that allow user options. All special editions include
customized interactive features that can
enhance the user experience. We use systematic methods for the compilation, syndication and creation of
content.  Special edition features provide a
continuity of cognitive media to increase effectiveness.

Formats:  Editions include up to 30 digital downloads for shared devices and with family and friends.
  • Audio (Audio text with abridged content using spoken word features)
  • Visual (Text and graphic visual enhancements for increased usability)
  • Print  (Standard fonts and graphics including read and print functions)

Systems:  Our InfoMedia systems and services include annual subscriptions with updates, expos, portals
and exchanges. Using our
proprietary technologies, we have a unified process for research, editing and
formatting informational mediums.  Each special editions leverages our
strategic affiliates network and
services providers with proven capabilities for producing, marketing and distributing our programs.

Services:  We provide annual subscription programs that are included with individual special editions.
  • Themes (Ongoing content updates with linked thematic websites)
  • Expos (Virtual InfoExpos with specialized theme resources access)
  • Portals  (Marketing presentations and commerce CommuniPortals)
  • Exchanges (Interactive communications and collaboration systems)

Marketing:  We have direct market access to expansive audiences. We also use our media network of
affiliates to provide access to special audiences.  With our systems capability, we can distribute to global
market segments and audiences.  Our systems can adapt to
global market extensions based on specific
audience needs for
InfoMedia types.  Marketing and distribution venues include established providers.   

Economics:  Our ventures group provides initial capital. Additional capitalization of productions may
selectively use informal risk capital.  We have a legacy of using
high-yield revenue incentives for intellectual
properties, capital and services.  For economies of scale and scope, we are launching multiple editions to
cross-promotional marketing opportunities and increase returns on investments.
InfoMedia Production Previews:
The following special editions productions are currently in developmental and marketing stages:

Integrative Biomechanics:

Human factors of body mechanics with ergonomics to reduce musculoskeletal problems.

Creating Living Histories:
Creating and sharing personal and family histories including family genealogy and genomics.

Alternatives of Pain Relief:
Insights on natural and alternative medicine for pain management without opioid drugs.

Navigating the Medical Maze:
Effective techniques for medical insurance, billing, Medicare, providers and medicines.

Economics of Ecology:
Implementation of environmental and energy benefits for the environment and to reduce costs.

Appreciating Collectibles:  
Methods for buying, selling, and enjoying collectibles that can increase in their valuation.

Safety and Security:
Strategies for implementing personal safety procedures including use of digital security solutions.

Stress Management:
Mindfulness approaches and
alternative medical trends to improve personal health and wellness.

Caregiving for Loved Ones:
Techniques and technologies for giving ongoing care and for people that have special needs.

Sleep Improvement:
Reducing sleep disruption and effects on health, drowsiness, productivity, driving and drug use.

Longevity and Anti-Aging:

tradition and holistic techniques with options that can extend the quality of life.

Traveling Comfort and Safety:
Travel considerations for mid-life and seniors that can allow increased qualities of traveling.

Management of Senior Living:
Options for senior residences and opportunities that allow independent living potential.

Generational Child Care:
How to use the backgrounds and capabilities of older generations to assist in child caregiving.
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