CommuniCorp Ventures & Holdings Company

    For over three decades we have explored new business models, created intellectual
    properties, formed strategic ventures and developed proprietary techniques and
    technologies.  In this evolving process, we have provided products and services that
    have created innovations for information, media and technologies in measurable ways.

    CommuniVentures are deal originators for CommuniCorp Ventures & Holdings and our
    portfolio of ventures and holdings.  We focus on private entities, joint ventures, divisional
    companies, strategic partnering, and equity ventures. By applying what we have learned,
    we avoid as many of the speed-bumps and pitfalls of inflexible business models.

    We have remained under-leveraged and do not have any term-debt obligations. We have
    had no litigation history in our multi-ventures legacy.  We have a solid economic legacy
    without any composite annual losses in the history of our ventures. This is a strong
    position to move forward as a catalyst and accelerator for new venturing opportunities.

    Our ventures mosaic allows cross-pollination of business opportunities in diverse
    markets. We apply our intellectual property portfolio for economies of scale and
    economics of scope.  We prefer strategic plans that are dynamic over static business
    plans because it allows us to remain flexible for market and technology changes.  

    Our strategic venturing and partnering strategy is a wide-open playing field that requires
    team-trust and business model adjustments.  Our equity venturing has been limited to
    private sector entities and we always have principal equity and management participation.

    We feel we have made conscious decisions based on reasoned, predictive models.   Our
    ventures give preferences to domestic production because our oversight of workforce
    quality, production techniques and fair compensation improves our ventures.  

    That’s our strategic positioning  and the principles of Arthur Meyer, the chief executive
    and managing principal of the CommuniCorp Ventures & Holdings.  The follow links
    have venture perspectives.  Web details are limited because proprietary technologies,
    confidential partnering and nondisclosure terms may apply to our projects and markets.
"Business is not just about the money - it’s also about purposes and effects”
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