The underlying business philosophies and strategies for CommuniCompanies continue to form
partnering relationships and alliances with individuals and companies as sources for specialized
skills and technologies.  By deploying these strategies, CommuniCorp Holdings Group and
CommuniCompanies have remained free of long term debt and have no history of litigation.  Our
business ecosystem  has professional and corporate relationships that have endured and are
positioned to be platforms for the next levels of innovations in business and media.
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CommuniCompanies are a consolidated network of integrated businesses, ventures and strategic
alliances.  The network includes business groups with focused interests and related intellectual
properties.  To unify these diversified activities, Communi Companies have been created and
consolidated into private equity entities and private equity ventures for over two decades.

CommuniCompanies have proprietary advantages based on knowledge systems, trademarks,
patents, trade secrets and technology transfers between related companies. In effect, these
companies have the ability to create a virtual network based on the synergy achieved from
shared knowledge, human talent, and strategic alliances within this family of companies.  

Currently, CommuniCompanies have developed new media opportunities that include "Themed
Networks" using electronic publishing for informational content and delivery.   Through a
combination of Communi Guides (e-book formats) and Communi Expos (e-expo formats), we can
provide interactive information accessed by computers and portable devices.  The innovations
deployed by these Themed Networks include elements of social and professional network
systems.  As a functional element, these networks have unique, content navigational systems
that use "Select Searches" which allow themed search and interaction to be combined with
traditional search strategies and web links.

Historically, CommuniCompanies remain privately held entities based in the United States..  
CommuniCorp Holdings Group has principal equity interests in individual CommuniCompanies.
These companies are actively focused in business sectors that include: New Media, Publishing,
Content Development, Media Packaging, Media Syndication, Systems Development, Content
Aggregation, Sponsored Media, New Media Technology, Media Distribution and Design..
Included in the portfolio of entities integrated into
the family of CommuniCompanies are: Associated
Media Network, Interactive Communications Corp,
The New Media Group, Pacific Design,
TeleMentor Corporation, Interactive Distribution
Company, MegaMedia Corporation,  Interactive
Broadcasting Company and C-Case Packaging
Corporation, among others..
CommuniCompanies business models and entity
activities are decentralized and coordinated by
Arthur Meyer, the managing director. He is also a
principal in investments developed by
CommuniVentures.  As managing director and
principal, Arthur Meyer brings an unusual and
eclectic background to the world of enterprise and
business.  He has an educational background that
spans the physical sciences, philosophy, behavioral
sciences, and was previously academically involved
in media and design groups. He is a seasoned
entrepreneur that leverages this diversified
background of academic and  entrepreneurial
knowledge and skills with CommuniCorp Ventures
Holding Group.and CommuniCompanies.
CommuniCompanies have a diversified media and publishing histories that includes innovative
sponsored media projects with General Motors ~ Produce Marketing Association ~ Abbott Labs ~
Social Security Administration ~ American Red Cross ~ International Business Machines, R.R.
Donnelley ~ Environmental Defense Fund among others.

Marketing and corporate contact points are provided for routing to individual venturing activities.
Due to proprietary activities, phones and addresses are not provided for individual ventures.
Direct venture contacts points and persons can be made available based on specific requests.

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