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We have developed systems for digital publishing using enhanced e-Media (e-Books) formatting. Our
initial edition of Integrative Body Mechanics
(Easy Ergonomics for Every Body) contains informational
media (infomedia) on applied ergonomics and the sciences of improving body mechanics. The content
includes information with useful solutions for many of the most common and troubling problems with body
mechanics.  We have developed content focused on individual problems and needs.  

Musculoskeletal problems and spinal pain are experiences by over 80% of adults on a chronic or
sporadic basis.  The composite effect of these problems accounts for more than 20% of medical costs
and has become a major factor for absenteeism and lost productivity.

The title has a expansive range of content segments (themes) appropriate for individuals and also
concerned friends, family, caregivers, employers and insurers.  The publication audience includes
mid-life and older audiences that are the fastest growing segment of digital infomedia users. This
targeted audience represents over 50% of the domestic population.  Our media and marketing
backgrounds allow us to reach these audiences directly and through affiliates.  

We have fully-funded the technologies and content for the title.  We have experience in capital royalties
and offer royalty income for participation at various levels.  Our media systems include direct marketing
and e-commerce which allows sufficient and sustainable margins for multiple-levels of royalties.

A preview presentation (PDF) on  backgrounds and royalty programs with program details and markets
is available.  The  presentation includes links to websites with additional information and contacts. If we
can assist you with additional information and routing to individuals for discussions on capital royalties
and theme media programs, please contact our market communications group.            
The art of capital royalties may be to provide high-yields but the science is to have large markets with
sufficient margins to pay these royalties. We are currently offering varied types of high-yield royalties.
Finance Royalties
Funding, Financing, Letters of Credit and Credit Lines  
Yields to (500%) based on the value of participation

Network Royalties
Network Referrals to Finance and Service Participants
Yields  to (100%) based on capital valuation of referrals

Service Royalties
Technology, Content, Media, Marketing and Consulting
Yields based on varied types and values of participation
Easy Ergos
Capital Royalties and Theme Media
Easy Ergonomics for Every Body
Easy Ergos
Integrative Body Mechanics
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